1, 2, 3BHK Price Table

Before buying a home, people prioritize the price despite the home’s location, amenities, and Structure of the home. Most people invest their hard-earned money for once in their life. And step out carefully to buy their flats. We provide information on the Prestige Park Grove residential project, so here is the dedicated price table for the 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3 BHK.

What influences the Price table?

Whenever a home project is completed, the vital part is to fix the rate. Many things impact the price table on the residential project.

Quality and quantity

Quality and quality are the highest factors in the price table. 1BHK is cheaper than 2BHK, 2BHK is cheaper than 3BHK, and so on. Good quality means more investment in the project, and the company will return it by profit. So, it’s simple logic, but some other factors also have a good impact, which is below.

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Government taxes

Government taxes and policies are a significant influence on the Pricing of a house. Several stages must be completed, and rules and policies must be maintained before starting and completing. So, it has a significant impact on this.

Cost of Lands

According to the places and demand of local areas, land prices differ. The rate of plots is increasing daily, and completing any project is not quicker than making a home. There is a vast difference in price between rural areas and urban areas.

The demand of the place

Companies make extra profits from their futuristic vision. If a company observes successfully that an area could be highly demandable, they start taking land and working on the project. When the time came to complete, the rate had already been hiked many times, and they made a profit. From this point o of view, the Prestige Group is intelligent, and they choose fruitful places before other thinking. And that is one of the reasons they can give lower prices than the competitors.

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Services inside and outside

When an apartment has many services inside and outside the area, it becomes highly demanded by the home-buying persons. The companies do not miss the opportunities to make more profit.

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However, the Prestige Group became well established through their hard work, research, innovations, dedication, and use of sound technologies and architectures. They can easily observe the future and invest cleverly in the new project. For this reason, they become successful and preferable to the people. Not only do they maintain the quality, but also they provide an affordable price. If you have checked before, you can see the price difference in compassion for another home apartment. Below, We are providing the expected price, which may change slightly upon finalization.

Pricing Table for 1, 2, 3BHK

Already, we have discussed the factors of the rate of an apartment. So, it is clear that each unit has a different value and Pricing. You will get it when you choose a specific home for you. Yet, we are closely providing prices that can be decreased or increased slightly. Please fill out the contact form with your details for more specific details.

Pricing range on home types

Type of Apartment Area(In Square Feet) Price
1BHere ear about 2BHK On Request
2BHK 900 to 1510 On Request
3BHK 1550 to 2289 On Request

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FAQ related Pricing

People frequently asked about the topic of Pricing of the home apartment. Here some of them have been provided.
Why is the price of 3BHK higher than 1 and 2BHK?
3BHK is more significant in area than 1&2 BHK. Extra room and a balcony provide in this unit, so it is high.
Has any pre-launch offer on the Prestige Park grove apartment?
Yes, if you book your home pre-launch, you will get a special discount. For assistance, please fill out the contact form.
Is this apartment cheaper than the other?
You can compare. It has the best possible technology and architecture, yet the price is lower than the other apartment.
Is there any pricing difference for the same home, i.e., 1BHK?
Yes, it depends on the positions, design, area, and materials used.
Who can assist me in buying a home in Prestigeparkgrove?
We are ready to help you; please fill out the contact details form. We will reach out to you with proper guidance and documentation.

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